Welcome to the Centre for Linguistics of the University of Macau!

The Centre for Linguistics (CL) was officially established on 12th January 2022 as a multidisciplinary hub designed to support research and teaching within the various linguistic and language-related disciplines at the University of Macau.

Macao is a uniquely multicultural and multilingual city, and exceptionally well-suited as a place to study linguistics. Although linguistics is a diverse and multifaceted discipline, it is, in fact, one of the University of Macau’s strongest and most highly-ranked disciplines of research and publication. The Centre for Linguistics aims to support the work of the many productive and influential linguists working within the academic field of linguistics.

The Centre for Linguistics is formally part of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, but the Centre seeks to create a platform to unite and engage the interests of various linguists working within different academic units at the University of Macau. UM linguists are scattered over several departments across several of UM’s Faculties, including the FAH Departments of Chinese Language and Literature, English, Portuguese, the Centre for Japanese Studies, and the Faculties of Education, Science and Technology, Social Sciences, and Health Sciences.

The Centre for Linguistics organizes and develops available resources related to linguistics at UM and promotes excellence in linguistic research, publication and education, in addition to collaborations and international visibility. The Centre is committed to fostering high-calibre research in linguistics and to developing leadership in the discipline.

We look forward to welcoming you here whether you are a new student, a new colleague, a collaborator or a visitor.